Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oreo Truffles

 I had these a few years ago for the first time.  My favorite are dipped in white chocolate (even though I am not a huge white chocolate fan) topped with peppermint pieces.  The combination had me craving them!  These are so simple and so yummy.  I saw a recipe that used nutella in place of some of the cream cheese, which I will be trying at some point!  Anyway, these are awesome and easy! 

  • 1 package Double Stuffed Oreos  
  • 4 oz. cream cheese, softened (you can use up to 8 oz., based on consistency you like better)
  • Dipping chocolate (or 1 cup choc. chip with a few tsp shortening)
Chop Oreos up finely in a food processor.  Save some of the finely crushed Oreos for garnish later and set it aside.  You don't need too much.
With hands (or a spoon, I just think hands are faster), mash softened cream cheese and crushed Oreos until well combined.
Roll into 1" balls and place on a wax covered cookie sheet. Put in freezer for 15 minutes.
While balls are in freezer, melt chocolate according to directions.
Pull the Oreo Truffles out of freezer, and dip into chocolate.  Garnish with reserved Oreo crumbs or crushed peppermint candy, before the chocolate sets up.
Let chocolate set, refrigerate and enjoy!

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