Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TWD: BWJ Semonlina Bread

The day I made this bread is a day I wished had not happened.  The day before we were to leave on a family vacation, I had started my bread early and it was on it's last 2 hour rise.  My husband was going to drop our recyclables at the dump, and my 7 year old son was helping.  I am vacuuming and my husband called the house phone telling me to come out "now".  I immediately think the worst, that he hit one of the kids while backing out.  So morbid... while walking out, praying and bracing for something bad, I walk into the garage to my 7 year old screaming and a pool of blood.  Thank the Lord it was a gash in the leg and not something worse, but still, pretty bad.  A bit panicky, my husband is holding the gash closed, while I go inside to find some medical tape.  I grab some rags, get a seat for my son to sit in and my husband does a masterful butterfly job.

We all load the car (the bread is the last thing on my mind!) and go to the ER, which was a 30 minute drive.  And a orthopedic surgeon, a procedure, 12 stitches, lots of screaming, and a 5 hour ER visit later, we head home.  I get home, preheat the oven, bake the bread, which was pancaked at this point. And I didn't score it in my haste to bake it... bread baking 101 failed.
I know this is a food blog and that's gross, but some might want to see the carnage.

We tasted the bread.  Honestly, not sure if I would've liked it anyway.  Found it too salty, especially with salted butter on top.  It was better with some honey.  So, be impressed.  Be very impressed.  Not that the bread is pretty or well done, but that it was baked at all.  A day I would like to forget.
If you want to try, you can get the recipe at our hosts websites. Thanks to Anna and Renee for hosting.


  1. I've been the son taken to the hospital. Over risen bread is such a non-issue compared with an ER visit. You did well, all things considered.

  2. 30 minute drive?! What a gash. Hope he is feeling better and heals quick. Bread? Who cares!

  3. Oh no! Hope he's doing well.
    I was in my 20's (and married with 2 kids) when my dad had to come and take me to the ER for a bloody gash (and then he had to take me to the surgeon and surgery and therapist and appointments). The "Tomato soup can incident" has become legend in our family. All that gushing blood is pretty scary - I thought he was going to pass out when he saw the mess.
    I am surprised at that point, you were able to finish. Miracle bread, indeed!