Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TWD: Baking With Julia- Rugelach

This is a light pastry cookie filled with dried fruit.  It is a cream cheese and buttery cookie, very flaky.
 I have made this once before, but I didn't remember it being quite as involved as this recipe.  Actually, it wasn't that hard, just once again, that chilling and waiting thing, which I am not so good at.  Although, it did work out okay, because I could walk away for awhile and deal with the inmates.
I probably rolled mine too thin, because I halved the recipe.  And I probably overfilled them, but I liked that.  The filling oozed and got all caramelized.  YUM!
 So, I am a chocolate kinda girl.  I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And I have.  But I have to say, these little cookies in their original form are delightful.  And I am not using that word just because it is in my blog name.  They really are delish.  The last time I made them I did an apricot filling so I opted to do the prune levkar this time.  I love prunes, so it was no surprise that I liked it.
Roll into rectangle and smeared with filling.

 These cookies are reminiscent of baklava, in that they are light and flaky.  I filled some with nutella and nuts, then rolled them in turbinado sugar, which tasted like a completely different cookie.  But get this, I think the fruit filled are more tasty!  I know.  Pick your jaw up off the floor and keep reading.  The nutella ones were fantastic in their own right, but I just really liked the fruit filled.

Nutella and nut filled
 So, there are 2 ways to make these.  You can fill, roll into a log and chill, then slice them which creates these pretty little rolls.  Then the other way is to roll them into a rough circle and cut them like slices of pizza, then roll from big end to small end.  Then you get the crescent shaped ones.  So, there you have it!  You can find the recipe on the ladies sites who hosted this week, or of course the fabulous Baking With Julia cookbook.         Thank you Jessica and Margaret for hosting.


  1. Looks great! You know I LOVE that you used Nutella! :)

  2. Those look delicious! Nice improvising!

  3. Oh they're beautiful! Great job!

  4. They look so good. Love the nutella filling!

  5. The Nutella version looks extremely good.

  6. I love the crescent shape.

  7. I preferred the nutella ones, somehow the fruit ones I made were sweeter than the chocolate!

  8. Very nice. Nutella is never a bad choice :-)