Wednesday, February 9, 2011


In a couple of months, I will be in birthday season again.  Of course, we will moving right smack in the middle of it.  I like to make special cakes for the birthday's, and over time they have become increasingly more difficult and I have wanted to top myself.  So I figured I would  put of the pictures of each. 
Really, not of them are that hard, but I take forever and my kitchen morphs into a war zone.  But, for me it is fun and I like to make my kiddos feel special.  And I am way to cheap to pay for someone else to do what I can do a completely mediocre job at.  ;-)   There is pictures missing that I will post when I find them.  Enjoy!

Annalise's 4th Birthday, my first real cake

Isaac's 2nd birthday.  The tires look a little flat and the whole thing a tad rough, but he loved it. 

 Pet Shops... she was obsessed, so I free-handed a copy from a coloring book.

 Isaac's 3rd birthday.  1st time using fondant.  I made it from marshmallows.  He was thrilled to have Batman.

 I call this my train wreck.  It was awful!  But Micah loved all the candy.

 This was for my nephew Sammy.  It was a last minute thing...  but he was happy. Love you Sam!

 Micah's 2nd Birthday.  Like all things in El Paso, it was melting. 

 Isaac's Transformer cake.  He was thrilled with, but it was a pain in the tush to do!

So, this was my most challenging cake.  It was August and 100 degrees outside, 85 degrees inside, and humid and my fondant was sweating and Bolt was melting.  But all in all, I was happy.  

Brad's Promotion Cake

 The JAG Insignia

Isaac's Army Tank Cake for 5th birthday.  He had high expectations for this one.

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