Monday, February 14, 2011

No Pudge Brownies

So, in my continued quest for the perfect brownie, I heard about these.  I normally don't review mixes...  but I heard about these from our worship Pastor at church, Calie.  I must say, these are pretty awesome, amazing  for being no/low fat.
  Because I can't follow directions well,  I added a tsp or more of vanilla and some chocolate chips. I love chocolate chips in my brownies and I figured if they are low-fat, it wouldn't be so harmful to add a little fat.  These are really fabulous.  Fudgy and good chocolate flavor.  They just may be my new go to brownie, because I can eat the whole pan and while getting my entire calorie count for the day, I am still not as bad as off as I would be eating 2 sticks of butter in the normal homemade variety.   Kidding, well sort of.
I actually had one for breakfast.  Breakfast of champions...  but hey, it's Valentine's Day and I am committed to my diet of sugar and chocolate on this day.  Go get this mix, and give them a try!  I think you may be surprised!

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